Berkeley Bound and Adventure Kinderland present: Camp Capital

Camp Capital is a live-in camp located in Berkeley, California.  Young people 18 and over stay in a residence in Berkeley under the guidance of College graduate interns where they are mentored in business skills.  

Skills emphasized at CampCapital range from basic administrative necessities such as typing (let's face it hunt and peck doesn't get respect) to entrepreneurial group brainstorming.  Our broad spectrum of offerings include:


+MannersMatter:  Put down smart phone, put on smart face;  make eye contact;  social cues


+YWork?:  Experience the benefits of work, perform actual work, from drudgery to delegating to ownership


+Managing: What is a manager, a supervisor, an executive?  You will do all three in a real business.


+Valuez vs. Value$: Analyze and value an existing business (accounting,appraisal, logic, read between the lines)


+DreamBig/DreamBiz: Dream up your dream biz, put it on paper, model it, piece it together, give it legs, tap investors

+Breaking Eggs, Breaking Rules, when is it OK or necessary;  locating elusive profit in a rapidly changing market,

+BrassTacks: See past  verbal and mental clutter, keep eyes on prize, ignore the BS & get down to business

+The faces of Money and Capital: When and how to get investors, protecting assets and build your own next egg


Grand Opening 8/15/2020