About Our School

Our family has been educating and caring for young children since 2006, when we opened Cheburashka, a home-based childcare at our house in Berkeley, still in operation as of 2020.   Now we have graduated to a bigger venue, with twice as many kiddos, indoor and outdoor play areas, commercial facilities, our own parking lot and a convenient location on your morning commute.  



Well now we’re here, offering a play-focused learning approach, where creativity is king, and your child will be stepping into a fun learning space each day.  Our indoor play-structure has slides, climbing thingies, monkey bars, tunnels, and a ball-pit.  Outside we have fashioned a small oval track where you kid will run laps, or ride a trike, bike, bigwheel or any of our crazy collection of vehicles.  Our garden area is not quite ready yet, but soon it will be blooming will plastic shovels and watering pails and little gardeners eager to watch their row of vegetables sprout this Spring.

Every child has their own style of learning, and each parent has their own preferences about their Childs education. Every educator has their own approach. Our tailored curriculum emerges as a balance between those three dynamics. In addition, we aim to leverage the natural tendency and enthusiasm of children to assist their peers in the learning process. conversely, we encourage the younger or less accomplished students to model the learning outcomes of those who have arrived at a result. For example, we like to circle up and recite, counting, songs and rhymes, geographic facts, or historic facts and science such as roots, shoots, stems and leaves. 


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              12411 San Pablo Ave. Richmond,CA 94805

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